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About Us

Welcome to BP Termeil

Our Service Station Sells.
Unleaded E10
10% Ethanol
Unleaded 91
Ultimate 98
High Flow Diesel
The General Store has everything to meet your needs.

Local Jams & Honey
Deli Products
Hot Coffee
Fruit & Veg
Meat Pies
Party Goods
Pet Products
Baby Needs
DVD’s & CD’s
Mobile Phones + Accessories
Ice & Firewood
Camping & Fishing Gear
Gas Cylinder Refills & Swaps
Automotive & Hardware
Cleaning Supplies

We are a licenced Cafe Eroma, Mrs Macs, Pizza Express & U-haul Outlet
Termeil’s Liquor Cellar section is extensively stocked with a wide selection of Australian & Foreign Beers. A large wine list to suit all palates. As well as RTD’s, Ciders & Spirits. ALL at very competitive prices.
We are a licensed Cafe Eroma and Pizza Express outlet

Chicken Pieces
Fish & Chips
Chicken & Angus Beef Burgers

The newsagency section has a vast selection of magazines, newspapers, children’s books, small toys, greeting cards, stationary items & LOTTO.
We are a community post office selling stamps, envelopes & all assorted packaging as well as sending & receiving mail & parcels.
The Service Station offers a rest area & public toilets for all.